About Us

We are Ryan and Janelle Morcombe, a couple of home-grown Okangan-ites.

Janelle grew up with her family in Winfield while Ryan has called Penticton home his whole life. They have been a duo for 10 years now, and are excited to finally be back home. They have travelled the province, as well as visited many amazing places around the world, but they are always so happy to come home.

Janelle is a local wedding and lifestyle photographer, photographing happy families and newlyweds all over the valley. You can check out her photography work at www.janellephotography.ca.

Ryan keeps himself busy as an accountant(CGA), but really loves to spend his time on his piano and guitar, or out fishing on a lake or dirtbiking in the hills.

2012 was the first year of business for Local Water House, and Janelle and Ryan couldn’t be more excited to start their vacaton home-venture with this gem of a house; The Peach House.

photo credit: Jessica Balfour

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